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Talk About It
Why is it hard to stand up to powerful people?
Making Connections
hen Hitler came to power in Germany in the mid-1930s,
he passed a law that required all healthy German youths
to be trained "physically, intellectually, and morally."
This meant that young people were required by law to join the
Hitler Youth movement. Most Germans obeyed, but not all. This is
the story of one teenager who didn't. His rebellion began with
listening to the radio.
It was illegal at the time to listen to foreign radio broadcasts,
but many Germans did. Aware that German people were
listening, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) broadcast
the news in German. In early 1941, a soldier returning from
France brought home a broken radio and gave it to Helmuth
Hübener, his younger half-brother. Helmuth lived with his
grandparents in Hamburg.
Sixteen-year-old Helmuth fi xed the radio. After his
grandparents went to bed, he toyed with the radio dials, tuning
in a German-language newscast on the BBC. Night after night,
Helmuth listened to the British war reports and compared
them with the German news. Soon, he realized that the reports
didn't add up. The Nazis, he concluded, were lying to the
German people.
Magazine Article by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
A young Helmuth Hübener.
Unit 1: Step Up
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