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Strategies to support working from home

Over the last week, our world has completely changed. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to rise across North America, schools and campuses have closed and businesses are asking employees to work from home. As we continue to implement social distancing in our daily lives, the way we normally work is being challenged. For some, working from home is new territory, for others, not only is it new but they also have the added challenge of balancing this new reality with a spouse and children.

Implementing a daily routine will help you stay focused while working in the comfort of your own home. We have outlined six practical steps you can take as you start to navigate this new way of working.

1) Establish a morning routine

Even though you are home, it is important to keep your morning routine. Take the time to have breakfast, grab a coffee or tea, and get ready as if you were going to the office. This morning routine will help you prepare for the day mentally and physically.

2) Set a workspace

Find a designated place in your home for you to work. When choosing a place to work, consider what you will need. Will you be required to take video calls or conference calls? If so, make sure you find a room with a door so you can minimize distractions during your working hours.

3) Plan your day

Take 15 minutes at the beginning of the day to set your goals. What do you want to accomplish? Do you have a set number of calls to make, or emails to send out? Setting daily goals will help you structure your working hours and ensure that you are making the most out of your day.

4) Schedule Breaks

Schedule a moment to take care of yourself. When working at home it is easy to just keep going for several hours. Breaks are essential to keep your mind sharp. Schedule 15-minute breaks throughout the day where you can walk away from your computer and reset your brain.

5) Collaborate with your peers

We may not be able to walk down the hall to talk to our colleagues, but with today’s technology, we are connected 24/7. Now more than ever is time for us to keep the conversation going. Take the time to recognize a colleague or reach out for support. We are all going through this new dynamic together.

6) Set your work hours

When you are at home it is easy to lose track of your working hours. Make sure you set yourself a reminder to log out for the day and spend quality time with your family.

We hope these simple steps will help you create your daily routine and keep you productive.