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Marketing 2016, 18th Edition

  • William M. Pride
  • O. C. Ferrell
  • ISBN-10: 1285858344
  • ISBN-13: 9781285858340
  • 720 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2014, 2012, 2010
  • COPYRIGHT: 2016 Published
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About the Product

Pride and Ferrell's MARKETING 2016 provides a thorough overview of essential marketing principles within a visually engaging, reader-friendly presentation. This popular, proven text helps students develop the knowledge and decision-making skills they need to succeed in today's competitive business environment. MARKETING 2016 delivers in-depth coverage of fundamental marketing concepts and strategies, along with practical applications and real-world examples, including up-to-date material on social networking, digital marketing, social and environmental responsibility, globalization, entrepreneurship, and marketing in times of transition. The current edition also features a new chapter on managing services and branding, a new section exploring the importance and uses of Big Data, updated learning objectives, and access to new "Ask a Marketer" videos to introduce key concepts. Perfect for students of all backgrounds and interest levels, MARKETING 2016 is an essential resource for classroom and career success.


  • "Marketing Debate" features present controversial marketing issues and encourage students to apply critical thinking processes to take a stance on topics such as marketing children's toys with fast food, privacy issues in retail return tracking, child-free seating zones on airplanes, consumer monitoring via cell phones, and Promoted Tweets.

  • Marketing success stories outside of traditional corporate environments are showcased in "Entrepreneurship in Marketing" features, providing examples of ways that good ideas and strong marketing strategies can help anyone launch, grow, and sustain a business.

  • "Emerging Trends in Marketing" features highlight the role marketers play in organizational success during times of transition, such as the digital era boom, the economic collapse, and periods when consumer habits and global markets are evolving rapidly. Examples include the comeback of vinyl LPs, "Limited Time Only" fast food promotions, pet-friendly hotels, Starbucks, and Pinterest.

  • Special features on "Green Marketing" illustrate how organizations are transforming their own marketing models to develop sustainable, environmentally conscious business practices, as well as changing the way consumers think about products and services. Examples include the global market for electric cars, sustainability as a competitive advantage, zero-waste initiatives, ecotourism, certifiable organics, green packaging and distribution, and sustainable energy.

  • A full range of text-specific supplements is available to enhance teaching and learning, with resources that combine cutting-edge technology, appealing design, and modern multimedia to meet the diverse needs of today's instructors and students.

About the Author

William M. Pride

William M. Pride is Professor of Marketing, Mays Business School, at Texas A&M University. He received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University. In addition to this text, he is the co-author of Cengage Learning’s FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS, a market leader. Dr. Pride teaches Principles of Marketing at both undergraduate and graduate levels and constantly solicits student feedback important to revising a Principles of Marketing text.Dr. Pride’s research interests are in advertising, promotion, and distribution channels. His research articles have appeared in major journals in the fields of marketing, such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and the Journal of Advertising.Dr. Pride is a member of the American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, Society for Marketing Advances, and the Marketing Management Association. He has received the Marketing Fellow Award from the Society for Marketing Advances and the Marketing Innovation Award from the Marketing Management Association. Both of these are lifetime achievement awards.

O. C. Ferrell

O. C. Ferrell is the James T. Pursell Sr. Eminent Scholar Chair in Ethics and director of the Center for Ethical Organizational Cultures in the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. He served as the Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Ethics at Belmont University and University Distinguished Professor of Marketing in the Anderson School of Management at University of New Mexico. He also taught at University of Wyoming, Colorado State University, University of Memphis, Texas A&M University, Illinois State University and Southern Illinois University. Dr. Ferrell received his Ph.D. in marketing from Louisiana State University. He is a past president of the Academic Council of the American Marketing Association and previously chaired the American Marketing Association Ethics Committee that developed the AMA Code of Ethics and the AMA Code of Ethics for Marketing on the Internet. Dr. Ferrell is past president of the Academy of Marketing Science, where he also served as vice president of publications. He is a member of the Academy of Marketing Science Board of Governors and is a Society of Marketing Advances and Southwestern Marketing Association Fellow and an Academy of Marketing Science Distinguished Fellow. Dr. Ferrell has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Macromarketing Society, an Southeast Doctoral Consortium award for service to doctoral students as well as the Harold Berkman Lifetime Service Award and the Cutco Vector Distinguished Marketing Educator Award -- both from the Academy of Marketing Science. Dr. Ferrell has co-authored 20 books and more than 100 articles and papers in journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Table of Contents

1. An Overview of Strategic Marketing.
2. Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Marketing Strategies.
3. The Marketing Environment.
4. Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing.
5. Marketing Research and Information Systems.
6. Target Markets Segmentation and Evaluation.
7. Consumer Buying Behavior.
8. Business Markets and Buying Behavior.
9. Reaching Global Markets.
10. Digital Marketing and Social Networking.
11. Product Concepts, Branding and Packaging.
12. Developing and Managing Products.
13. Services Marketing.
14. Marketing Channels and Supply-Chain Management.
15. Retailing, Direct Marketing and Wholesaling.
16. Integrated Marketing Communications.
17. Advertising and Public Relations.
18. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion.
19. Pricing Concepts.
20. Setting Prices.
Career Appendix.
Financial Analysis.
Sample Marketing Plan.

New to this edition

  • A new chapter on managing services and branding consolidates material from two chapters in the previous edition, creating a more streamlined presentation and natural organization of related topics.
  • The chapter on Marketing Research and Information Systems includes a new section on Big Data, reflecting the growing importance of sophisticated marketing data and analytics, as well as their challenges and ethical implications. The section includes relevant, current examples showcasing real-world uses of Big Data by Target, Samsung Mobile, DataSift, Best Buy, and Burke.
  • The text includes updated learning objectives based on current marketing trends, techniques, and best practices, ensuring that text material relates to specific, measurable outcomes that will help prepare students for professional success.
  • New "Ask A Marketer" videos offer an engaging, memorable introduction to key marketing concepts, providing a reliable way to connect with today's learners and illustrate the real-world relevance of text concepts.


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