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From Backpack to Briefcase: Professional Development in Health Care Administration, 1st Edition

  • Michael R. Meacham
  • ISBN-10: 1285084853
  • ISBN-13: 9781285084855
  • 304 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2015 Published
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About the Product

Packed with insightful examples, interactive exercises and amusing anecdotes, FROM BACKPACK TO BRIEFCASE: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION delivers a comprehensive how-to guide to help students prepare for--and succeed--in their search for the best internships, residencies, fellowships and jobs. This extremely practical book helps students take the knowledge gained in academic programs and apply it in a truthful and positive way that will jumpstart their career in Health Care Administration. In this information-packed book, students will find a variety of tools to help project and enhance their utmost professional identify in order to secure the best professional positions.


  • Extremely practical, this one-of-a-kind text equips learners with a variety of tools to help them project their utmost professional identity--and secure the best possible internships, residencies and jobs.

  • Contributions from professionals at EmoryHealth, Northwestern Health System, Siemens, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, among others, cover every facet of the employment process--adding unrivaled real-world insight.

  • A wealth of interactive exercises helps guide student development in their journey of self-discovery as they discern their own interests, strengths and career objectives.

  • The book's reader-friendly writing style includes plenty of humor to help learners stay focused on the material at hand.

  • Numerous examples of letterheads and resume styles help learners assess and develop their own that is right for them.

  • The book provides practical advice on every aspect associated with looking for a job: networking, handshaking, dressing, taking a meal during an interview, attending professional receptions and following up after an interview.

  • Sidebar features appear throughout the text, giving helpful tidbits of "insider" information.

  • Chapter 11 features "A Day in the Life Of" vignettes, where real world health care professionals weigh in on just exactly what they are looking for in prospective interns, residents and employees.

About the Author

Michael R. Meacham

Michael R. Meacham, JD, MPH, is associate professor in the Department of Health Leadership and Management at the Medical University of South Carolina, where he teaches Health Policy, Strategic Management and Change Leadership. He also is director of the Office of International and Special Programs, coaches case competition teams and counsels students individually and in informal groups regarding professional development. Meacham has an extensive background in development, enactment and implementation of public policy as well as in leadership and management of health care organizations. In 1998, he was named director of Health System Development for Connecticut's Office of Health Care Access and led administrative improvements in its Certificate of Need Law and other regulatory reforms affecting hospitals. In 2001, he was named vice president for Integrated Health Services at Eastern Connecticut Health Network and was responsible for multiple health care units including administrative and clinical personnel. Named an associate professor at Pennsylvania State University in 2003, he led dramatic improvement in the MHA Program. In addition, Meacham served in the Kansas House of Representatives for eight years. He received his J.D. from the University of Kansas and his M.P.H. from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and Wichita State University.

Table of Contents

1. Discovering who you are: How do you explain to an employer who you are if you don't know yourself?
2. You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.
3. Finding the Right Place: It's a Big World Out There.
4. It's Not Only WHAT You Know: Networking and Learning More.
5. The Cover Letter: Get the Door Open!
6. The Resume: A Snapshot of Your Life.
7. Getting to the "On Site" Interview: Application is in the mail, Now what?
8. The Interview: Present Your Best Self – and the Finishing Touch.
9. Look out world! Here I come: Accepting the Job and Professional Ethics.
10. Once You're There (Internship and Residency): Make It Count!
11. What it is like to be in the Profession.