Chapter 3 Self Quiz

Part A


Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


A can opener is a compound machine that is made from four simple machines.


Forestry machines that run on tracks have the same advantages as machines that run on wheels.


If you wanted to lift and move a box, you could use a pulley and an inclined plane.


Simple machines can be combined to make work easier.


Compound machines are not used in British Columbia because they are too big.

Part B

Complete the Sentences

Use the following words to complete the sentences.

pulley     wedge    wheel and axle     screw


A propeller combines the advantages of a wheel and axle and a _____________.



The arm on a backhoe combines the advantages of a lever, a wedge, and a ____________.



A conveyor belt combines the advantages of a moving inclined plane and a ___________.



A paddle combines the advantages of a lever and a ______________.


Part C

Multiple Choice

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Machines that are used for logging in British Columbia today
use human and animal power
combine the advantages of simple machines
are simple machines


When you combine the advantages of a lever with a wedge, you can
move an object across the ground
lift an object
hold an object together

Part D

Name the Simple Machines
Name the simple machines, and give the number of each, in the following compound machines.





Part E

Answer the Question
Use sentences to answer the question.


Explain how the Nisga’a fish wheel works and why it is still being used today.

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