Chapter 10 Self Quiz

Part A


Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


Open-pit mining can pollute water.


Oil is only found on land.


Minerals that are found deep below Earth’s surface are extracted in open-pit mining.


Scientists are constantly discovering new uses for minerals.


Fossil fuels provide most of the energy we use.

Part B

Complete the Sentences
Use the following words to complete the sentences.
non-renewable            extracted            air pollution            air shed


A resource is             when it is found under the surface of Earth.



The dust and exhaust from mining activities can cause                   .



Resources are                         when they cannot be replaced in the time we use them.



A(n)                   is an area above a local environment that is shared by every living thing in the area.


Part C

Multiple Choice

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Some non-renewable resources that are found in British Columbia are
salmon and copper
natural gas and coal
cedar trees and silver


A non-renewable resource is called “non-renewable” because
there is very little of the resource to be found
all the resource has been used
the resource may take millions of years to form


Which statement about fossil fuels is NOT true?
Fossil fuels do not cause air pollution.
We are running out of fossil fuels.
We have more needs for energy today than we did in the past.


The decision to open a mine should be made by
the government and the mining company
the mining company and the community
the community, the mining company, and the government

Part D

Answer the Questions
Use sentences to answer the questions.


How was coal formed?


What happens to the coal that is mined in British Columbia?

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