Chapter 9 Quiz

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


Communities are populations of organisms sharing a habitat.


Plants are unable to use sunlight to make food.


Herbivores eat meat.


Food chains can be linked together to form a food web.


Omnivores eat only meat.


A food chain can be affected when something happens to one of the populations that is a part of it.

Complete the Sentences
Use the following words to complete the sentences.
food chain            consumer      producer      prey     
      scavengers      community      population      carnivores


The food that a predator eats is its __________________________________.



A _________________________________ shows who eats whom in a community.



A duck eats other organisms so it is called a _________________________________.



A tree is a ________________________ because it can make its own food using energy from the Sun.



Eagles will eat dying salmon so they are called ______________________________.



Bears sharing a habitat with salmon, eagles, and shrubs is an example of a ________________________________.



All the otters in one area are called a  __________________________________.



Animals that eat only meat are called ________________________________.


Answer the Questions
Use sentences to answer the questions.


Explain how a food chain would be affected if a person clears all of the water plants in front of his home on the lake.


Consumers and producers have one major difference. Explain what this is.


Identify the producers and consumers in this food web.

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