The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts
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A New Professional Development Resource
for History and Social Studies Educators


Bring historical thinking into the history and social studies
classroom with The Big Six by Dr. Peter Seixas and Tom Morton


NEW for British Columbia

The B.C. Draft Social Studies Curriculum has been released.
Access the new draft curriculum here.

The new draft curriculum introduces 4 new key features, the first of which is centred on the new Historical Thinking Concepts developed by Dr. Peter Seixas, author of The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts. The new key features are:


  • A new emphasis on acquiring and developing key disciplinary thinking skills built around six major historical and geographical thinking concepts: significance, evidence, continuity and change, cause and consequence, perspective, and ethical judgments
  • A new focus on disciplinary thinking
  • A reduction in detailed and prescriptive content
  • The inclusion of Aboriginal history and culture with important topics and perspectives embedded throughout all grades


NEW for Ontario

The new Ontario Curriculum: Social Studies, Grades 1–6;

History and Geography Grades, 7–8 has been released.

Dr. Peter Seixas is quoted in the new curriculum.

Access the new curriculum here

The new curriculum follows 6 concepts of Disciplinary Thinking.

The concepts of Disciplinary Thinking are based on The Big Six.


Alignment of The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts

to the 2013 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum

Ontario Social Studies

Grades 1–6 and

History and Geography Grades 7–8 curricula

Peter Seixas   

Concepts of Historical Thinking
Significance Historical Significance
Cause and Consequence Cause and Consequence
Continuity and Change Continuity and Change
Perspective Historical Perspective


View a sample chapter here

"My favourite resource right now is actually a Nelson resourse called

The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts. I love it because it is a great support for history teachers as they rethink their teaching to be more about thinking skills. I think this will be a very valuable resource once the new Ontario Curriculum for Canadian and World Studies is released."

          —Kim Crawford, Avon Maitland District School Board



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