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Surf for More Math

Lesson 1 - 2-D Patterns


Use these interactive games and activities to encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about 2-D patterns.


Use models and t-charts to record, extend, and make predictions about number patterns.


Builds Upon

Student Book pages 4-5


Instructions for Use

Function Machine allows your child to fill in the t-chart after the function machine has spit out its number pattern.

To use Function Machine, drag and drop the four blue numbers, one at a time, into the "IN" area of the function machine. The function machine automatically spits out a number pattern into a t-chart. Then fill in the each blank and press the "Enter" key to solve the rest of the pattern. If a number that does not match the pattern is entered, the function machine will indicate that the number is incorrect.


Counter Square lets students record and make predictions about number patterns on a grid.

To use Counter Square, click the "Make Counters" button to create multi-coloured counters. Drag and drop the counters onto the grid to create a pattern. Click "Ideas" for suggestions on how to use counters on the grid.