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Chapter 9



To grow, be healthy and strong it is important to eat well and get lots of exercise. But what food should you eat and how much? Let's find out.


You will calculate how much of each food group you should eat in a day, a week, and a month. You will also keep a one-day food diary to find out if you are a healthy eater. Write a short summary of your findings.


  1. Print the Food Guide Exercise Sheet. Use it to record the information you find about the food groups and your calculations.

  2. Go to Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Read about healthy eating. Find the information you need for the exercise sheet.

  3. Use multiplication to complete the chart in the exercise sheet. What pieces of information do you need to determine how much of each food group you should eat in a week and in a year?

  4. Print the Food Guide Diary. Think about what you ate yesterday. Put what you ate in the correct categories in the section SERVINGS FOR ONE DAY.

  5. Estimate, using multiplication, the number of servings of each food group you eat in a week and in a month.

  6. Write about what you found out about your eating habits.




Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating


Food Guide Exercise Sheet

Food Guide Diary




Did you explain how you estimated and calculated the number of servings for a week and a month?


Did you use math language?


Did you organize your work so it is easy to follow?