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Chapter 8



In the Chapter 8 Chapter Task you designed a petting zoo. Sometimes the animals may be hiding or sleeping, so it helps if there is a sign that tells people which animal they are looking for.


Your teacher thinks that is a good idea that the class makes signs for the animal pens. The sign will include the name and a tangram of the animal. Practice making animal tangrams on the Internet, then download tangram puzzle shapes. Describe each of the shapes and estimate, then measure their perimeter and area.

Make 2 signs using tangrams of 2 of the following animals:

•  a pony

•  a dog

•  a chicken

•  a rabbit

•  a duck

•  a cat


  1. Go to Press START TANGRAM. You are now ready to practice solving different animal tangram puzzles. By clicking on the NEXT button you can look at all the different puzzles. Can you guess what they are supposed to be? If you are having trouble solving the puzzle, click on SOLVE, then try again.

  2. Now you are ready to start working with your own tangram puzzle pieces. Go to Tangram Grid. Print the tangram grid. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask your teacher.

  3. Cut out the tangram pieces.

  4. Describe the seven different shapes.

  5. Estimate the perimeter and area for each one. Measure the perimeter and area of each shape. Measure the area to the nearest whole square centimeter. Put this information on your Tangram Shapes sheet.

  6. With your tangram pieces, make your 2 favorite tangram animals.

  7. Trace the trangram animal shapes onto blank sheets of paper. Write the names of the animals on the pages.




Tangram Grid


Tangram Shapes



coloured pens or pencils (optional)


centimetre grid transparency

blank paper for signs




Did you describe the shapes completely?


Did you calculate the area and perimeter of each shape?


Did you use math language?


Did your signs include a tangram and name of the animal?