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Chapter 1




The local art gallery has decided to set up a new display that will be called "PATTERNS ALL AROUND US". The art gallery curator has read that there are many different kinds of patterns that are used by many people in the world. She wants the gallery display to show visitors that patterns are important and interesting by displaying number patterns and non-numerical patterns of all kinds.



Your class has been hired by the art gallery to create the "PATTERNS ALL AROUND US" display. Each person in the class is to create and display 2 patterns, along with a description and/or an explanation of each. The patterns should be ready to be displayed in art gallery for the public to see.



  1. Look through the websites for examples of one number pattern and one non-numerical pattern that you think will interest the visitors at the art gallery.
    1. Investigate Number Patterns. Click on EXPLORER and then click on PATTERNS. Go to this page and explore the following activities:

      Trick with a Calendar
      Squares on a Chessboard
      Powerful Number Patterns
      Complete the activities to explore new patterns.

    2. Investigate The Number Bracelets Game website to look for examples of patterns. Look at the Animal Patterns   website and the Patterns at the Museum website for example of non-numerical patterns.

  2. Complete the activities at the websites that interest you the most.
  3. Create two patterns. Be sure that one is a number pattern and one is a non-numerical pattern.
  4. Write a description that will be attached to the pattern for visitors to read. You might tell the reader:
    1. The name of your pattern.
    2. How the pattern was made? What are the changing attributes of the pattern? What is the rule for the pattern?
    3. Why did you decide to make a pattern like this? What would you like the visitor to notice about your pattern? What makes the pattern interesting?

  5. Decide on an interesting way to display the pattern and prepare it for the class to see.




Number Patterns
The Number Bracelets Game
Animal Patterns
Patterns at the Museum





Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Pattern Effectiveness

•  My display tells viewers a little about patterns.

•  My display tells viewers some important facts about patterns.

•  My display tells and shows viewers important facts about patterns.

•  My display tells and shows viewers the most important facts about patterns.

Pattern Creativity

•  My patterns are similar to the website patterns in number, colour and shape.

•  My patterns use number, colour and shape.

•  My patterns use number, shape, colour and some other attributes in an interesting way.

•  My patterns use number, shape, colour and many other attributes in a creative way.

Pattern Quality

•  My patterns have several errors.

•  My patterns have a few errors.

•  My patterns are correctly created.

•  My patterns are complicated and have no errors.


•  I describe the patterns.

•  I describe the patterns tell how they were made.

•  I clearly tell how the patterns were made and give some other details.

•  I clearly give the reader many interesting details about the patterns.