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Web Quest

Chapter 13



The Chapter 13 Web Quest is structured around the creation of a probability line. You can find an example on page 358 of your child's textbook. Using a search engine, your child will find news websites targeted to children. Using articles found on these websites, your child will choose events or statements to place on a probability line. This Web Quest is designed to be done in groups but can be adapted by simply changing the amount of information your child places on their probability line. You could also include some of your own examples on the probability line. Your child will also cite their references.


  1. Create a probability line.
  2. Using one or more of the search engines listed on the Student page, search for news websites.
  3. Once you have narrowed down the number of sites to look at, have your child choose articles that interest him or her and present events that would fit well onto a probability line. Encourage them to find articles that have opinions or suggest more than one possibility of events.
  4. Have your child complete the References sheet. Discuss with your child why it is important to reference sources of information.
  5. Have your child place his or her events appropriately on the probability line. Encourage your child to explain his or her thinking.

NOTE: Some news sites content will be more graphic than others. The BBC kids news website has a web page that offers advice to children if they find the news upsetting that may be useful.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

probability, probability line, certain, more probable, event, equally likely, less probable, likely, very unlikely, equally probable, unlikely, very likely, prediction, possible, impossible, and probable.