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Web Quest

Chapter 12



This Web Quest continues with the kite theme introduced in the Chapter 12 Chapter Task. It is designed to offer your child further practice describing objects and sets of objects using fractions and decimal equivalents. Your child will choose 4 kites to describe using fractions. They will describe these fractions as decimals.


  1. The following websites will allow your child to look at a wide variety of kite designs.

    Kite Works
    Coastal Kites
    Pretty Picture Kites
    Into the Wind
    Kittyhawk Kites

    You can also encourage your child to conduct his or her own search for resources. There is a lot of information on the subject of kites, which is quite easy to find. You may want to use one of the following kid-targeted search engines.

    Google Kids

  2. Your child should choose 4 kites that he or she likes, keeping in mind that they he or she will have to describe these kites in terms of shapes and fractions. Once you have decided on the kites, save a picture of each and insert it in the Kite Fact Sheet.
  3. Now you are ready to start describing the kites. Encourage your child to look for as many ways as possible to describe these kites using fractions. Have your child complete the Kite Fact Sheet.

The World Wide Web offers a lot of information pertaining to kites. You may want to download some kite plans and try building one with your child. Extending this type of activity in such as way helps to re-enforce the idea that math is fun and that we use it all the time.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

fraction, numerator, denominator and decimal.