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Web Quest

Chapter 10



This Web Quest asks your child to plan a menu for a group of students who will be attending a Play Day. This activity builds on a theme developed at the beginning of Chapter 10. It will allow your child to practice multiplication and division and see the relationship between the two.


  1. The first step of the activity is to establish how many kids will be in each group. Have your child explain the strategy he or she used to come to the answer. Discuss with your child some of the food and drink that might be good to serve at a Play Day. Encourage your child to think about the quantities one would need to serve 7 people.
  2. Visit the following grocery websites:

    Mr. Case
    President's Choice
    Bulk Foods
    Grocery Gateway

    To run the demo at the last website you will need to give a postal code. If your own does not work, try M6H 1W3 or any other Toronto area postal code.

  3. Discuss with your child the different sizes and quantities available. Because many items are available in bulk, your child may find the quantity of an item hard to visualize. Help your child visualize quantities by giving them practical examples to compare from around your house. For example, have your child pick up a 2- pound bag of potatoes and ask them what they think 2 pounds of licorice would be like.
  4. Have your child save the pictures of the items they have chosen. Insert them in My Play Day Menu. Complete the rest of the sheet.


Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

division, multiplication, multiples, array, fact family, divisor, remainder, dividend, equally, estimate, quotient, and mean.