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Web Quest

Chapter 9



Finding out about healthy eating is the subject of this Web Quest. Using Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating, your child will learn about the 4 food groups and how many servings a day are recommended for children in his or her age group. Your child will calculate how many servings of each group should be eaten per week and month. He or she will also be responsible for completing a food diary for one day. With this data, your child will estimate how many servings he or she eats in a week and in a month. Finally, he or she will write a short summary about his or her eating habits.


  1. Print the Food Guide Exercise Sheet. Your child will use this to record the information they find at Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating . Your child may try to find the number of servings children should eat in a week and in a month. Explain that they can get these numbers by using multiplication.
  2. Once these steps are completed, print the Food Guide Diary. Fill in the diary.
  3. Have your child compare his or her eating habits with those recommended by the Canada Food Guide. Have your child write down their conclusions.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

estimate, calculate, fact family, group, product and reasonable.