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Web Quest

Chapter 8



Tangram puzzles are the focus of this Web Quest for Chapter 8. A tangram is a geometric puzzle with 7 pieces that can be arranged to create a variety of different images. The premise of the task is to create signs for a petting zoo that will show which animals can be found in different animal pens. Each of the signs will have a tangram picture depicting a different animal. Your child will also describe the different shapes that make up a tangram puzzle, as well as estimate and measure their area and perimeter.


  1. Begin by having your child solve some of the puzzles found at Fwend. Focus on the easy animal puzzles. Have your child guess what the different shapes represent. Your child may need help solving some of the puzzles. Suggest different placements of pieces, as part of the challenge is being able to explore different piece placement possibilities. You can also click on SOLVE and then return to the puzzle to try again.
  2. Once you have worked through the puzzles, have your child print a copy of the tangram grid at Tangram Grid .
  3. Cut out the tangram pieces. Complete the Tangram Shapes sheet. Your child should draw each of the shapes, describe them in a variety of ways and estimate then measure the area and perimeter of each one.
  4. Using the tangram pieces, construct 2 different animal puzzles. Your child will probably find it helpful to refer back to examples found at the first website.
  5. Once he or she has completed 2 puzzles, have him or her trace the animal shape onto a blank piece of paper. Include the name of the animal and any other information your child thinks is suitable to create 2 petting zoo signs. You may choose to make another copy of the tangram grid so your child can glue the tangram pieces on their signs instead of tracing them. 

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

area, perimeter, square centimetre, and tangram.