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Web Quest

Chapter 7



This Web Quest expands on the Chapter 7 Chapter Task. Your child will be making an invitation for a math party using a painting program that they will download form the Internet. The student page outlines the shapes that must be included in the design.Your child should be able to create an invitation that incorporates a variety of shapes, as well as describe them using math language.


Discuss with your child some of the reasons we send invitations and what information we include in them. Talk about what information they want to include in their invitation.

To create the invitation you can download the program, TUXPAINT following the instructions outlined on the student page. As you are downloading the program, ask your child questions about the process. Learning how to download a file from the Internet is an important part of the task, so as you are downloading the file ask your child questions about the process. For example:

"What version of the program do you think we should download?"
"We need to choose one of these mirrors. Which one do you think we should choose? Why?"
"We need to decide if we want to open this file or save it to the computer. Do you know why they give us this choice?

Once you have downloaded the program, take some time to play around with the program to familiarize yourselves with how it works. Remind your child that he or she must follow the rules set out by Poly. Once your child has completed his or her design, print it using the print key in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Have your child describe the different shapes he or she has included in the invitation.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

kite, angle, polygon, similar, parallel, equal, attribute, congruent, line of symmetry, quadrilateral and parallelogram.