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Web Quest

Chapter 6



The Web Quest activity for Chapter 6 asks your child to complete a task involving arrays. The premise is that the school band will be attending an evening at the theatre.

Your child must pick a show for them to see and explore different seating arrangement possibilities. Before you begin the web-based part of the task discuss with your child what they might expect if they were to go to the theatre or reflect on any past theatrical experiences they may have had.


  1. Have your child explore the following theatre company websites and have them pick an appropriate show for the band to see*.

    The Imperial Theatre
    The Astor Theatre
    Theatre and Company

    *It is recommended that you double-check these websites prior to your child reading them to ensure that the play description contents are appropriate reading material.
  2. Pick the appropriate seating plan from the following websites and print it.

    The Imperial Theatre Seating Plan
    The Astor Theatre Seating Plan
    Theatre and Company Seating Plan

  3. Work together to establish possible seating arrangements. Consult the Student's page for the criteria. To establish seating arrangements your child will be creating arrays. An array is objects arranged in the shape of a rectangle. Focus on seating sections that meet these criteria.
  4. For each array complete a fact family.
  5. Have your child pick the seating arrangement that he or she thinks will best suit the school band. Your child should present the reason(s) for his or her choice and explain how the fact family or families describes it.


Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary:

factor, product, quotient, array and fact family.