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Web Quest

Chapter 4


The Web Activity for Chapter 4 requires your child to use addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers to find out about the number of immigrants who live in Canadian communities. They are given population data for immigrants from various world areas and asked to use this information to write a short newspaper article. They are encouraged to find the total number of people who have come from Europe and Asia, as well as compare the numbers that have come from one area of the globe to another area of the globe.

This activity provides practice with addition and subtraction. It also allows your child to learn more about the world. Because the Statistics Canada data is grouped according to general world areas (e.g. Eastern Europe, Central and South America, etc...), the students are asked to try to find some countries that are in each of the areas. You can assist your child by looking at an atlas or globe with them, helping them to find the areas. You could also have them use the internet to search for countries in each area on a site like A Weather Page.

Once your child has explored the sites, ask them to identify a city or cities they would like to write about. Download the charts and the Immigration Worksheet. You might encourage them to choose a city close to home, or they may want to compare two cities of similar size.

You will notice that Toronto data have not been included in the chart. This is because the numbers are too large for grade 4 students to comfortably handle and understand. If your child wishes to look at the Toronto data, log onto the Statistics Canada Immigrant Population page. Allow your child to use a calculator to add numbers that are larger than 4-digits.

While your child is calculating the data and writing the article, ask:

"Why do you think all of the numbers end on a 0 or a 5?"
"What will you do to find the total number of people who have come from -____________(e.g. Europe or Asia)?"
What might people want to know about the number of immigrants in the city you have chosen? Did anything surprise you about the numbers?"

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary related to addition and subtraction:

estimation, sum, difference, 4-digit number, rounding, regrouping.