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Web Quest

Chapter 1


The Web Activity for Chapter 1 asks students to explore patterns on a variety of websites (listed below). They will then choose the two types they liked the best to create their own patterns. Two of the websites are about number patterns and the others provide interactive opportunities to develop colourful shape patterns found in such things as quilts. Once your child has explored the sites, they will need materials to create their own patterns. This might include coloured paper, scissors, coloured pencils or pens, pattern blocks shapes they bring home from school, and grid paper that can be downloaded from the websites (e.g. at the WWQP Quilt Colouring Book).

Number Patterns
The Number Bracelets Game
Animal Patterns
Patterns at the Museum

While your child is exploring the websites, ask:

"Can you describe what you did to make that pattern?"
" What would happen if you.(used a different colour; added 6 instead of 5; turned the shape instead of flipping it.)"

Your child may need some assistance to describe the pattern and explain the steps that were used to create the pattern. Ask your child to tell you this information out loud before he or she tries to write it down. Ask:

"What was the first step in making the pattern?
"What number or shape did you start with?"
"What did you do to this number or shape to make the next part of the pattern?"

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary to describe the patterns:

number chain, attributes, starting number, differences, number patterns, non-numerical patterns, counting patterns, increasing patterns, decreasing patterns, repeating patterns, flip, slide, turn.