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Lesson 2 - Building 3-D Shapes with Congruent Faces

To encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about Building 3-D Shapes with Congruent Faces, here are some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.



Build 3-D shapes and describe relationships between faces and vertices .


Builds Upon

Student Book pages 296-297


Instructions for Use

The Platonic Solids helps your child predict the number of edges, faces, and vertices on different objects.

To use The Platonic Solids, click and drag the left mouse button to rotate each object. Click in the text field to input the number of faces, vertices, and edges for each object. Click 'Check' to check your answers.


Geodesic Gumdrop Dome helps your child discover relationships between faces and vertices.

Have your child read the article and follow the instructions to build a Geodesic Gumdrop Dome.


The Dome Calculator helps your child compare triangular shapes in geodesic domes.


To use The Dome Calculator, start by clicking on '1V' (1 value for length) to see the shape of the dome. Input any number into the text field 'Dome Radius' and click 'Submit' to show the length of each side of the triangle. Continue with the '2V', '3V', etc, to alternate domes and corresponding lengths for each side of the triangles.