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Shared Reading

PM Shared

PM Shared Stories and Shared Facts is a series of large-format shared books. Shared reading sessions teach students about the features of text and focus on meaning, grammar, sounds, letter and word knowledge, contextual knowledge, and the role of the reader.

Guided and Independent Reading

PM Starters

PM Starters allow children to practice accurate matching of written and spoken words. Each book focuses on two or more high frequency words.


PM Library and PM+

These two series are carefully designed to meet the needs of young children learning to read. More than 800 lively and colourful fiction and nonfiction books are available for readers from Levels 1-30.

NEW! 72 brand new titles to supplement your PM Library classroom collection:



PM Gems

PM Gems features the most loved characters from the PM Library and PM+ series in new adventures. Repetition of characters, settings, and vocabulary motivates young readers and helps them become successful and fluent.


PM Photo Stories

PM Photo Stories is illustrated entirely with real photographs that tell stories about realistic events and situations in children's everyday lives. The photographs provide strong text support, build students' interest, and promote deeper comprehension.


PM Early Chapters

Introduce the chapter book concept with PM Early Chapters. With meticulous levelling and high-interest storylines, these titles with stimulate students' interest in reading chapter books!


PM Science Facts

PM Science Facts uses strong photographic and literacy content to introduce the exploration of our world. Suitable for guided and one-on-one remedial reading, PM Science Facts is tailored to the key learning areas of science.


PM Math Numeracy & Literacy

PM Math Numeracy & Literacy series teaches students essential mathematical concepts using easy-to-understand PM vocabulary.


PM Writing

PM Writing is a complete learning, teaching, and assessment package that places an emphasis on the development of the writing process in the primary grades.

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