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Modifiable BLMs

Here are the modifiable BLMs from the Grade 2 Teaching Resource. All page references are to the Teaching Resource.


BLM 2, Map of Saskatchewan , p. 160
BLM 3, Map of Nunavut , p. 161
BLM 4, Map of New Brunswick , p. 162

Letters to Parent/Guardian

BLM 30, Stories of the Past, p. 195
BLM 37, Helping Hands, p. 204

Assessment BLMs

The Assessment BLMs have been carefully crafted to reflect current research on assessment. Teachers may wish to modify them to suit their particular teaching context.

Assessment BLM 1, Unit 1 Checklist, p. 209
Assessment BLM 2, Student Self-Evaluation Rating Scale: Working Together, p. 211
Assessment BLM 3, Student Self-Evaluation Rating Scale: Making Decisions, p. 212
Assessment BLM 4, Rubric for Our Little Books Performance Task, p. 213
Assessment BLM 5, Unit 2 Checklist, p. 215
Assessment BLM 6, Rubric for Local News Now! Performance Task, p. 216
Assessment BLM 7, Rubric for Parade Day Performance Task, p. 218
Assessment BLM 8, Unit 3 Checklist, p. 220
Assessment BLM 9, Rubric for Canada Works! Performance Task, p. 222
Assessment BLM 10, Unit 4 Checklist, p. 224
Assessment BLM 11, Student Self-Evaluation Rating Scale: Active Listening, p. 225
Assessment BLM 12, Unit 5 Checklist, p. 226
Assessment BLM 13, Rubric for Research a Change, p. 228
Assessment BLM 14, Student Self-Assessment Checklist: Research a Change, p. 230
Assessment BLM 15, Rubric for Heritage Wall Tour Guide Performance Task, p. 231