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Modifiable BLMs

Here are the modifiable BLMs from the Grade 1 Teaching Resource. All page references are to the Teaching Resource.


Letters to Parent/Guardian

BLM 1, Exploring Symbols, p. 131
BLM 3, Celebrating Us! Student Assessment Task, p. 134
BLM 15, Looking for Items from Long Ago, p. 151
BLM 16, Family History Celebration: Student Assessment Task, p. 153

Assessment BLMs

The Assessment BLMs have been carefully crafted to reflect current research on assessment. Teachers may wish to modify them to suit their particular teaching context.

Assessment BLM 1, Unit 1 Checklist, p. 164
Assessment BLM 2, Student Self-Evaluation Rating Scale: Working Together, p. 166
Assessment BLM 3, Celebrating Us! Rating Scale, p. 167
Assessment BLM 4, Unit 2 Checklist, p. 169
Assessment BLM 5, Student Self-Evaluation Rating Scale: Showing Listening, p. 171
Assessment BLM 6, Lights! Camera! Action! Rating Scale, p. 172
Assessment BLM 7, Unit 3 Checklist, p. 174
Assessment BLM 8, Community Tour Guide: Rating Scale, p. 175
Assessment BLM 9, Unit 4 Checklist, p. 177
Assessment BLM 10, Family History Celebration: Rating Scale, p. 178
Assessment BLM 11, Unit 5 Checklist, p. 180
Assessment BLM 12, A Community Celebration: Rating Scale, p. 181