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Modifiable BLMs

Here are the modifiable BLMs from the Kindergarten Teaching Resource. All page references are to the Teaching Resource.

Letters to Parent/Guardian

BLM 2-2, How I Help at Home, p. 203
BLM 8-1, Letter About Names, p. 209
BLM 10-1, Letter About Personal Experiences, p. 214
BLM 12-1, Letter About Gifts and Talents, p. 217
BLM 13-1, Letter About Culture, p. 219
BLM 27-1, Letter About My Story, p. 239

Assessment BLMs

The Assessment BLMs have been carefully crafted to reflect current research on assessment. Teachers may wish to modify them to suit their particular teaching context.

Assessment BLM 1, Section 1 Checklist, p. 241
Assessment BLM 2, Section 2 Checklist, p. 243
Assessment BLM 3, Section 3 Checklist, p. 245
Assessment BLM 4, Section 4 Checklist, p. 246