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Organic ChemWare makes even the most complex organic chemistry concepts easily understood

Created by Professor Ghislain Deslongchamps of the University of New Brunswick, Organic ChemWare is the definitive visual solution for learning organic chemistry. A comprehensive collection of 220 interactive learning objects designed to help visualize chemical structure, and organic reaction mechanisms, both for individual study, and use in the classroom.

Organic ChemWare empowers learners while redefining the lecture experience. It bridges the gap between the static imagery of textbooks and the real dynamic world of organic chemistry,bringing learning to life, and life to learning.

Interact with concepts focusing on:

  • Lewis Structures
  • Curved arrow notation
  • Reaction mechanisms
  • Orbital interactions
  • Conformational analysis
  • Stereochemistry
  • 1H/13C NMR

Organic ChemWare bridges the gap between static images and dynamic illustration of concepts and principles that underlie many key aspects of introductory organic chemistry courses.

The concept behind Organic ChemWare is EXTREMELY useful. Most of the students who study organic chemistry have difficulties mainly because they do not have the 3D visualization of chemistry.

These interactives were helpful in providing visual aids that illustrate concepts that were sometimes difficult to understand or mentally picture.  The simplicity of the animations made the interactives very easy to view and understand, and helped me to really master certain concepts that are often found difficult to illustrate on paper.

These are kind of invaluable tools, they can help people who are more visual learners then they are reading and listening learners because the interactive videos show the concepts while explaining exactly what is taking place on the screen.

Emma Kitsch

University of Ottawa