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Profile Professional Software

Profile Professional Software is designed with the Professional in mind - Rehabilitation Specialists, Employment Counsellors, Psychologists, Guidance Counsellors, and Health Care Professionals  - anyone interested in matching people with occupations.

The Profile Professional database contains virtually all of the content found in the NOC and the NOC Career Handbook, combined with labour market information and salary data.

Profile Professional 2004 incorporates the database from the most-recent NOC (2001) and Career Handbook (2003), plus labour market information looking forward to 2007 (extracted from the latest print version of Job Futures).

You can work with 932 NOC Unit Groups - specifying "all" Unit Groups, one Skill Level, or one Skill Type.  You can also search through more than 36,600 occupation/job titles and convert the title to its Unit Group for further information.


Profile Professional 2004 offers three separate operating modes:

  • Standard Mode
  • C-TSA Mode - Composite Transferrable Skills Analysis
  • Desktop Mode - simple searches, without consuming uses

Standard Mode

  • Build a client comparison profile incorporating any combination of NOC Career Handbook descriptors and let Profile Professional find the matching NOC Unit Groups.  You can sift through the database by using filters for: 
    • Aptitude Levels
    • Physical Activities
    • Environmental Conditions
    • Data, People, Things
    • Education/Training Indicators
    • Wage Ranges
    • Labour Market Information
    • CWPI Interest Code
    • Main Characteristics Keywords

  • Print a variety of reports that include GATB converted score results, interpretation narratives, and matching Unit Group listings.

Composite Transferrable Skills Analysis (C-TSA) Mode

Profile Professional 2004 offers a comprehensive Composite Transferrable Skills Analysis (C-TSA) mode.

This advanced feature enables you to build an NOC occupational profile that represents the combined NOC characteristics of all occupation titles in a client's work history. This client's composite profile can be modified if desired, then used to find matching Unit Groups from the NOC database.

Briefly, the C-TSA Steps are:

  • Use Profile Professional's NOC search engine to quickly find occupation titles and build a Work History for the client, containing an unlimited number of NOC Unit Groups.
  • Create a C-TSA Comparison Profile representing all Unit Groups in the Work History.
  • Make changes to any of the NOC descriptors in the client's C-TSA Profile, if desired.
  • Search the complete NOC database, or user-selectable portions of the NOC, to find matching Unit Groups.
  • Print a variety of C-TSA reports that include Work History listings, Unadjusted C-TSA Comparison Profile, Adjusted C-TSA Comparison Profile, and Unit Group listings.
  • Use Profile's Help sections to assist you along the way.

Desktop Mode

Profile Professional 2004 offers a new Desktop Mode that allows you to perform simple single-filter searches, without consuming any uses.  This convenient feature saves time that would be needed to manually scan the printed copy of the NOC and Career Handbook. 


GATB Score Conversion & Interpretation

Profile Professional 2004 is the only software of its type that allows you to input GATB raw scores. The program converts the raw scores to standard scores and aptitude levels, graphs the results, and provides an interpretation narrative of the obtained scores. This process saves you considerable scoring, conversion and interpretation time, and it also eliminates error.

Searching Made Easy

In the Composite Transferrable Skills Analysis (C-TSA) and Standard Modes of operation, you have complete control over how more than 50 selectable NOC descriptors can be modified, activated, or deactivated, for your comparison search of the NOC database. Furthermore, you can select specific portions of the NOC Career Handbook database, categorized by a Skill Level or Skill Type, and restrict the comparison search to those titles.

Keep Track of Your Clients

Profile Professional 2004 creates client files that store all comparison search filters for both Standard and C-TSA modes for each client file. In this way, you can revisit existing Profile client files, make changes to search filter criteria as required, and print new reports.


The Profile Professional 2004 software is licenced free of charge, either as a download from the Internet, or optionally on CD-ROM. 

As a first-time user, you can receive complimentary uses for preview purposes.  After you have consumed the complimentary uses, the software works on a pay-per-use basis.

Order as many uses as you need (minimum 5 per order). A new feature of Profile Professional 2004 allows you to order more uses before your remaining-uses counter runs down to zero.  See the chart below for pricing information.

Profile Professional 2004 Software is designed to run on a standalone Pentium III (and up) or compatible PC. However, it can be installed on multiple computers with blocks of uses purchased for each separate computer. It does not have built-in network capability and is not available for Macintosh systems.


Operating System and required software

  • Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 or later
  • Desktop E-mail client program and account (to order uses)
  • High speed Internet (for Web installation only)

Recommended Minimum Hardware

  • Pentium PC III with 128 MB of RAM
  • Approximately 30 MB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive (for CD installation only)
  • Mouse or equivalent pointing device
  • Printer for printing reports and Help files
  • Sound card and speakers or headphones for online demo


Click here to get Profile Professional 2004



These prices are for Profile Professional 2004 uses that are purchased on one order, to be installed on a single computer system. 

Payment may be made by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Cheque. 

Any applicable taxes are extra. If you have tax-exempt status, please specify in your order.

(in Cdn. $)

One use is sufficient to allow the examiner to work with a client and:  (a) convert one set of GATB raw scores to Standard Scores and Aptitude Levels for the client; and/or (b) perform a series of Standard Mode searches for the client; and/or (c) perform a Composite Transferrable Skills Analysis (C-TSA) for the client; and/or (d) perform a series of C-TSA searches for the client. 

Prices are in effect March 25, 2008.

For an order of more than 500 uses, please e-mail for a price quote.