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The St. Lawrence Lowland: Looking Ahead Teacher Centre

Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.


Web Links

Pollution in the St. Lawrence River

Saint-Laurent Vision 2000 is a joint project between Canada and Quebec. Its purpose is to address the pollution problems that have been destroying ecosystems in the St. Lawrence River. This Web page focuses on the steps that have been taken in the last twenty years to improve river quality. The home page link takes you to more information on topics related to the St. Lawrence River and the Lowland region. However, reading levels on these links can be demanding for students at this level.

Old Montreal

Montreal is one of the most important urban centres in Canada and especially in the St. Lawrence Lowland. This is the official Web site of Old Montreal, the most historic part of the city. There are ongoing efforts to preserve Old Montreal as a tourist attraction and important business centre. The site provides a good map and 150 photographs in the Grand Tour link. This site can help students understand the importance of preserving the past as part of a plan for future prosperity.