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?_Geography Saskatchewan Population




Web Links

Saskatchewan Ghost Towns

What brought people to these small communities in Saskatchewan to begin with? Why have they now been deserted? This Web site provides a brief general history about the province as well as specific stories about 12 ghost towns of Saskatchewan. Maps and photographs provide directions on how to find the towns. Historical and contemporary visuals are also included. Students will find this site easy to navigate. The articles are interesting and written at a suitable level for most students.

Population of Canada

Statistics Canada provides numerical information about the population of Canada and its provinces. The Web site includes information about the general population, components of population growth, mobility and migration, origins and visible minorities, languages and immigrant population. The 2001 census is the most recent data included, although some projections are made into 2026.



Answer Key

?_Geography Saskatchewan Population

Click here to download the answers to questions in the student activity. Review student paragraphs to ensure that they accurately describe the results they found. Their paragraphs should indicate that:

  • Saskatchewan's general population is showing a slight decrease from 976 615 people in 1996 to 963 150 people in 2001-a difference of 13 465 people.
  • However, its Aboriginal population is on the rise showing an increase of 19 840 people.
  • Each group-North American Indian, Métis, and Inuit-shows an increase over the five-year period.


       Click here to view the student activity.