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Saskatchewan: Tourism & Recreation  Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Saskatchewan Road Tour




Web Links

Parks Canada

Where could you find a yellow-bellied blue-racer or a rare black-tailed prairie dog? Saskatchewan is home to two national parks: Grasslands and Prince Albert. At this Web site you can find out why these areas have been preserved as natural wonders and cultural treasures. If you want to visit the parks, complete visitor information is also provided.

Saskatchewan Interactive

What is there to see and do in Saskatchewan? Deserts, badlands, parks, plains, forests, and lakes await visitors to Saskatchewan. The Tourism section of this Web site provides you with information about Saskatchewan's parks, historic sites and other places of interest.




Web Activity

?_Geography Saskatchewan Road Tour

In this activity you will make a trip planning chart and map that could help guide a visitor to five of Saskatchewan's places and/or events that you would most like to visit if you went there on a vacation.

1. Visit the Saskatchewan Interactive Web site.

2. Click on "Tourism" on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Choose "Secrets, Legends and Folklore" to explore Saskatchewan on-


4. Read the information and look at the photographs of places to visit in

    Saskatchewan by scrolling down each screen and clicking on "Next page"

    to move forward in the presentation.

5. While you are virtually exploring the province, make note of the top five

    places or events you would like to visit if you were to make a trip to

    Saskatchewan. Note the place or event and the city or place where it is

    located. Click here to download an organizer to help you collect your


6. Using an atlas or other resource, plot the places on an outline map of

    Saskatchewan. Click here to print an outline copy of map of


7. Using a road map or a Web site that calculates driving distance between

    two points, determine the distance from place to place, e.g., how far is it

    from Saskatoon to Regina? Record the distances on your chart.

8. Once you have plotted the places on a map and calculated the distance

    between the five sites, plan a road trip to see the five places. Create a

    driving plan that would allow you to see your chosen sites without having

    to back track on your journey. Remember, you must end up back at your

    starting point!

9. Indicate on your map the route you would take.