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Saskatchewan: Arts & Culture Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Oral Presentation





Web Links

Remembering Our Heroes: Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans

This Web site is dedicated to First nation Soldiers who fought for freedom, both at home and overseas. Photographs accompany interviews with the war heroes.

Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan

This site highlights Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan who have used their talent and skills in their pursuit of personal excellence. The First Nation and Métis persons included on this site-elders, professionals, artists, performers, and athletes-share their stories, experiences, hardships, and accomplishments in their effort to achieve their goals.





Web Activity

?_Geography Oral Presentation

In this activity you will gather information about a successful First Nation or Métis person from Saskatchewan as the basis for writing an introduction about this person.

1. Visit the Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan Web site.

2. Click on "Women" or "Men" to find an index of all the people included on

    this site.

3. Browse the photos and stories of these people until you find one person

    you would like to invite to your school to speak to the students in a general

    assembly. Choose one Aboriginal person to focus on for your assignment

    and read all you can about this person.

4. Imagine that this person is going to address an assembly of students at

    your school. (If the person you chose has died, pretend for this assignment

   that they are still alive.) Use the information from this Web site and any

   other sources you might find to write an introduction about this person that

   you would present at the assembly before this guest speaker spoke to the

   general assembly. In your introduction, include information about:

  • the person's name, date of birth, and place of birth
  • the person's accomplishments
  • include a quotation from that person
  • what is that person going to talk about at your assembly?

5. Write your introductory speech and then practise it before presenting it in

    front of your classmates.