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Web Links

These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Keys

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre.

?_Geography 1995 Referendum Word Web



Web Links

The Official Web site of the Premier of Quebec

Students may feel comfortable exploring some aspects of this site more than others. Some links are in French only. Within the "Your Government" section, one of the most student-friendly links is to Departments, Agencies, and Courts. When students click on the government departments, they will get a list in French. When they click on the department, however, they can elect to view the site in English. As an example, click here to see the English link for the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.

The 1995 Quebec Referendum-a CBC Flashback

This site, available through the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), covers the highlights of the 1995 referendum, including the campaign, the "sides" and their leaders, and the vote. The site also includes the actual question posed to Quebecers during the 1995 Referendum. NOTE: The question may be too difficult for students.




Answer Key

?_Geography 1995 Referendum Word Web

1995 Referendum Word Web

Encourage students to explore some other opinions before they formulate their own. A good place to start is the Video Reports link. It has news reports on different reactions to the 1998 Supreme Court of Canada decision that ruled that Quebec could not separate from Canada unilaterally. NOTE: You need Real Player to watch these videos.

Teachers may wish to use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate student word webs:

    • The student records an appropriate number of details.
    • The student is able to discriminate more important details from less important details.

Teachers may wish to use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate student paragraphs:

    • The student demonstrates clear understanding of the issues involved.
    • The student supports his or her position on the question using sound reasoning.

              Click here to view the student activity.