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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Compare and Contrast



Web Links

The First Nations of Quebec

This site is all about Quebec First Nations. On this site, you can read about an Algonquin community that developed maple sugaring long before the Europeans arrived. Today, the Kitigan Zibi community is using modern technology to sustain a large maple sugaring business. You can also read about a film house that is Inuit-owned. Taqramiut Productions Inc. (TPI) was started in 1996 and makes films about Aboriginal Canadians.

Montreal Then and Now

Have you ever gone back to a neighbourhood where you used to live and noticed the changes? This site shows you different pictures of Montreal scenes taken 100 years apart. When you move your cursor over each picture, you can also hear how the scene might sound if you were there. Places sound different after 100 years too!






Web Activity

?_Geography Compare and Contrast

1. Go to the Montreal Then and Now exhibit.When the page loads, click on

    "Exhibitions", then on "Virtual Exhibitions", and then on "Urban Life through

    Two Lenses".

2. Take the tour of Montreal and select the following photographs for analysis.

    Don't forget to listen to the sound effects! Be sure to enlarge the photos for

    better viewing. First click on the magnifying glass icon. Then click on the "Full

    Screen" option. You will miss important details unless you enlarge the photos.

•  Photo 3:   View of Montreal from Notre Dame


•  Photo 4:   George Stephen's House/Mount Stephen


•  Photo 6:   View of the Montreal harbour

•  Photo 7:   Notre Dame Street  

•  Photo 11: McTavish Street  

•  Photo 14: Chateau Ramezay

3. Click here to download an organizer to help you compare and contrast the pairs

    of photos.

4. Draw one conclusion about the development of Montreal since the time of the

    earlier photo. ( Hints: Consider whether the area appears more prosperous.

    Whether the types of industries have changed. How might the population have