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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Habitant Letter




Web Links

Themes in Quebec's History  

This site examines Quebec's history as a series of "themes." Here you can learn more about contact with First Nations, New France, and Quebec's famous people. You will enjoy listening to the many sound effects on this site. For example, many towns in Quebec have Aboriginal names. Under the theme of First Nations, First Contacts, click on the "Lend an Ear" link at the bottom left hand side of the page to hear these names pronounced correctly.

The Virtual Museum of New France

What would you like to know about New France? By clicking on "About New France" on the left-hand menu, you can learn more about the beginnings of this colony. By clicking on the "New France A-B-C" found under "Youth Adventures," you can view some beautiful artifacts from this time period, and learn how they were used. This site also includes information on how the children of New France were schooled and what they were expected to learn.





Web Activity

?_Geography Habitant Letter

1. Click here to go to the Habitants exhibit at the Virtual Museum of New France.

2. Choose two topics from the menu to explore. There are 18 topics to choose

    from! Maybe you would like to find out more about the seigneurial system, or 

    about dancing, playing, laughing and singing. Read through the links you choose,

    and then answer these questions:

a) State two new pieces of information you learned by investigating

    these links.

b) Was this aspect of the habitant's life pleasant or challenging?


    Click here to download a worksheet on which to gather your information.

3. Would you have chosen to become a settler in New France? Explain your

    answer in the form of a letter to your cousin back in France.