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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of Fthe Web sites:

?_Geography 1995 Referendum Word Web




Web Links

The Official Web site of the Premier of Quebec

This site includes lots of useful information about the workings of the Quebec government, including all the ministries. This site also describes the services provided to the people of Quebec by their government.

The 1995 Quebec Referendum-a CBC Flashback

This site is about a very important event in Quebec history. Asked to vote on whether or not Quebec should end its relationship with Canada, 50.6 percent of Quebecers voted NO and 49.4 percent voted YES. The vote was so close that many Canadians could not believe the returns as they came in! Everything you need to know about the referendum is on this site.





Web Activity

?_Geography 1995 Referendum Word Web

1. Review the information on page 28 of InfoCanada Quebec. Then, click here to

    go to the CBC Web site for its coverage of the 1995 referendum.

2. Click on "The campaign" link at the bottom of the page, and read the article.

3. Click here to download a mind map on which to organize the information. You

    can add as many spokes as you wish, depending on how many different issues

    and sub-issues you can identify within the general topic of the 1995 Referendum.

    You are investigating things like:

  • What percentage of Quebecers went to the polls to vote in the 1995 Referendum?
  • Who led the NO side? What was his party? What did he say would be the result if Quebecers decided to leave Canada?
  • Who led the YES side after Jacques Parizeau? What was his party? What did he say Quebecers were trying to do?

4. Write a paragraph expressing your opinion on this question: Do you think

    Quebec should negotiate a new relationship with Canada? Why or why not?