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Challenges & Opportunities

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These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Keys

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?_Geography  Role Play



Web Links

Confederation Trail

PEI's Confederation Trail stretches from one tip of the island to another, and is one the island's favourite recreational attractions. The site contains information about many different types of wildlife that hikers and bikers might encounter on the trail. In addition to the opportunity the Trail presents for increasing tourism to PEI, you may wish to use the site to spark discussion about how the trail could stimulate interest in the environment and how this might benefit the environment.

PEI Business Development

This Web page gives students an opportunity to see how governments go about trying to attract new businesses to their province. Help students to see that the purpose of the page is not just to provide information, but also to persuade. The activity helps students consolidate the most important information from the page by asking them to find evidence to support specific statements.




Answer Key

?_Geography Role Play

Students' responses might resemble the following:

a) PEI can provide industries with workers who have the necessary


- schools and other training facilities on the island teach the skills needed

  in many industry jobs

- educational institutions work with employers to make sure that training

  programs give people the skills they need to work in industries on the island

b) Many people on the island stay at the same job for a long time.

- 43% of all PEI workers have stayed with the same employer for more than

  six years

- 28% of PEI workers have stayed with the same employer for over eleven


c) It is less expensive to run a business on PEI.

- study of 64 cities in North America, Europe and Japan showed that

  Charlottetown was the third lowest-cost city for running a business

- costs for facilities and office premises, labour, and corporate taxes are lower

  than the national average

Use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate students' role plays:

  • the role play includes information that is relevant and accurate
  • the dialogue sounds natural
  • the students stay in character
  • the students speak clearly and confidently

           Click here to view the student activity.