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Challenges & Opportunities  


Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography  Role Play


Web Links

Confederation Trail

PEI's Confederation Trail for walking and biking stretches from one tip of the island to another. Creating the trail is one opportunity PEI has to increase the number of tourists who come to the island. Visit the trail's Web page to find out about all the different aspects of the island that hikers and bikers can experience on the trail. Read "The Code of the Trail," a list of guidelines for respecting the environment and other people while on the trail.

PEI Business Development

Bringing new businesses to PEI is one opportunity that the province is trying to take advantage of. On this Web page, you find out some of the facts the government uses to convince new manufacturing businesses to come to PEI.




Web Activity

?_Geography Role Play

1. Visit PEI Business Development.


2. Under the heading "Sectors of Excellence", click on the blue link


3. This page gives information to people who might be interested in setting up a

    manufacturing business on the island. Read the information on the page.

4. Write down each of the statements below. Find evidence on the Web page

    that supports each statement. Record the evidence under each statement.

    Click here to download a worksheet to help you record your information.

a) PEI can provide industries with workers who have

    the necessary skills.

b) Many people on the island stay at the same job

    for a long time.

c) It is less expensive to run a business on PEI.

5. Work with a partner to role-play the following scene:

    A representative of the PEI government is at a conference in the U.S. He/she

    meets the owner of a business who is interested in setting up a factory in


          Act out a conversation in which the government representative tries to

    convince the business owner to set up a factory in PEI. ( Hint: The business

    owner needs to ask questions that allow the government representative to

    point out the different reasons why PEI is a good place for new industries.)