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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Trillium Poster




Web Links

Rare Plants of Ontario

This Web site provides information about rare plants in Ontario. There is a map of Ontario's vegetation zones and lots of information about Ontario's plant geography and climate. A complete list of rare plants is provided. Twelve plants are featured in the database.

Nature Park: The Trillium    

You know that Ontario's provincial flower is the trillium but do you know anything else about this flower? This Web site is for anyone interested in natural areas in North America. There is lots of information about different animals and plants, including the Trillium. You can also find a long list of interesting and fun nature activities that you could do each season and links to nature parks in North America at this site.




Web Activity


?_Geography Trillium Poster

In this activity you will make a poster about Ontario's provincial flower, the Trillium.

1. Go to the Nature Park: The Trillium Web site.  

2. Click on "Natural History Information for Coastal Temperate Rainforests".

3. Select "Detailed Information" to find out about the plant.

4. Scroll down to the sub-heading " Plants" and then click on "Trillium



5. Read the information provided here about the Trillium.

6. "The Premier's Kids' Zone" also provides some information about the

    Trillium. Click here to visit.    

7. Make notes on important points that you would like to include in your fact

    sheet about Ontario's provincial flower.

8. Create a poster that includes a fact sheet and a photograph or illustration

    of the Trillium.