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Web Links

Here are some Web links to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Newspaper Article: The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Project




Web Links

Opportunities North
How do people in the Northwest Territories make a living? What industries can they work in? Check out this Web site to find out about NWT businesses, from tourism, to film making, to renewable and non-renewable resources.

Mackenzie Gas Project
What's the Mackenzie Gas Project? What does it mean to the people of the Northwest Territories? Will it really create 2600 jobs? What kind of jobs? Who are the partners in the project? Find out at this Web site. Information is provided in North Slavey, South Slavey, Gwich'in, and Inuvialuktun, as well as English.


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Web Activity

?_Geography Newspaper Article: The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Project

1. Visit the Mackenzie Gas Project Web site.

2. Browse through the site. Click on "Who We Are" to find out who the

    partners are. The "Opportunities" link provides information about business

    and employment, and the "Project" link describes what the project is.

    "Our Commitment" addresses concerns about the environment, health and

    safety, and other issues. Use the "5Ws plus How" formula to summarize

    information about the project. Click here to download a worksheet on

    which to collect your information.

3. Write a newspaper article telling readers about the project.