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Nunavut: Geography  Teacher Centre

Web Links

These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre.

?_Geography Temperature Line Graphs




Web Links


Nunavut Handbook     Coming soon!

This is the Web site of the book, " The Nunavut Handbook" published in 1999. It has connections to articles on the land and people of Nunavut. Click "photo tours" to see images of Nunavut, Canada's largest province or territory!

Environment Canada

What is the weather forecast for Yellowknife, NWT, for the next few days? You can find out at the Environment Canada Web site. See what the forecast high and low temperatures are, and whether or not precipitation is expected. You can also view weather information for other places in the province and in the rest of the country on this site.




Answer Key

?_Geography Temperature Line Graphs


Check to see that the information on student worksheets matches the information on the graphs each student prepares. If not, the student may need additional instruction to learn how to interpret a line graph.

Use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate students line graphs:

  • the student correctly uses appropriate labels on the graph
  • the student created an appropriate legend

          Click here to view the student activity.