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Web Links

Here are some Web links to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Word Web!




Web Links

Natural Resources Canada
Resolute Bay is a Nunavut “hot spot” for scientists, explorers, and-tourists! It is known as the “jumping off place” for expeditions to the North Pole. Visit this Web site to find out how Resolute Bay got its name, and to compare what you can see from a photo taken by radar, and one taken the usual way!

The Nunavut Handbook
Visit this Web site to find out what industries make up Nunavut’s economy. There are two important parts to Nunavut’s economy: the subsistence economy, and the wage economy. What the difference between these two? Find out here!

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Web Activity

?_Geography Word Web!

1. Visit the Nunavut Handbook site. Select “English”, then select the “Basic

    Facts” link about halfway down the page.

2. Click on “Economy” in the third paragraph. Read the information in the

    article. Create a word web to help you sort through the information.

a) Draw two large circles. Label the first circle “subsistence

    economy”, and the second circle wage economy.

b) Define each of those two types of economy in its own circle.

c) Read the article again. As you read, draw a smaller circle for

   each industry you read about. Write its name in the circle,

   along with a note or two about what it is.Draw arrows to

   indicate which of your larger circles each smaller circle belongs

   with. Your word web might look something like this,

   although you may have more circles, or you may have fewer:

3. Find a partner and share your word web with them. Create a role play in

    which the two of you discuss both types of economy. Can you think of

    some advantages and disadvantages for both types? What part of the

    economy would you like to work in? Why? In your role play, make sure

    your audience will understand the two different types of economy!