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Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre:

?_Geography Write a Radio Commercial


Web Links

Westray Mining Disaster

This site will help students understand the dangers faced by miners, and how mining disasters can occur. The information provides an opportunity to consider, and perhaps research, questions related to this industry: Why would people want to be miners? What challenges would come with having a miner for a father or spouse? How do mining communities react when there is a disaster? You might wish to have students compare this event to the Springhill Mining Disaster.

Nova Scotia's Forests

This Web site provides students with concise information about Nova Scotia's forests and forestry industry. Some of the statistical information on the site is presented in the form of percentages and fractions. This provides an opportunity for instruction to help students understand the use of percentages and fractions when reading statistical information.


Answer Key

?_Geography Write a Radio Commercial

You may wish to use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate student pie graphs:

  • The student understands how to use math to deduce the percentage of softwood forests.
  • The student uses appropriate approximations to create the sections on the chart (if drawing freehand).
  • The student includes a legend to explain the use of colours.
  • The student includes labels to identify the percentages represented by each section on the chart.

You may wish to use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate student 30-second commercials:

  • The student includes information appropriate to the purpose.
  • The student includes the most relevant information and omits less relevant information.
  • The ad is an appropriate length for the time limit.
  • The ad is coherent and well-organized.
Click here to download the student activity.