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Nova Scotia: Government & Society Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Ministry Information, Please!




Web Links

Nova Scotia Notebook

Scroll down to the subheading "Nova Scotia" and you'll find more information about the provincial government in Nova Scotia. Who is the leader of the official opposition? When was the last provincial election? How many seats did each party win? You'll find these and many other interesting facts on this site.

Communications Nova Scotia

Reading a provincial government's news releases is an interesting way to see what the government is doing for its people. News releases are usually short documents that the government provides to media, such as newspapers and radio stations. On this site, you can learn about the recent activities of the Nova Scotia government by reading some of its news releases.




Web Activity

?_Geography Ministry Information, Please!

1. Visit the Communications Nova Scotia Web site.

2. Click on "View 1998-2003 news release listings" to display a list of news

    releases. When the next page loads, use the pull-down menus to select "View

    news releases for the last seven days, all departments." Then click on the

   "Retrieve" button.

3. A list of news releases will appear, each listed under the government ministry

    that issued the release. Read news releases from four different ministries. Then

    answer the question, "What did I learn from this news release about what this

    ministry does?" Click here to download a chart to help you collect your


4. Fill in the chart using information from the news releases you read.

5. News releases do more than just present news. They are also public relations

   documents. This means that each ministry writes its news releases in a way that

   presents the ministry in a positive way. The government wants to convince voters

   that its ministries are doing a good job. Read through the news releases you

   chose one more time, and look for words, phrases, and sentences that help to

   create the impression that the government is doing a good job.