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Nova Scotia: Challenges & Opportunities  Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Information Organizer: Pipelines Through the Maritimes




Web Links

Learning for Life

Providing a good education for Nova Scotia's young people is important for the province's future. On this site you can read about how the Nova Scotia Department of Education is trying to make sure that the province's schools offer students the best education possible.

Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline

Developing the oil and natural gas industry in Nova Scotia is one opportunity that the province has. On this site you can find out about one gas pipeline project, including how long the pipelines are and how much they'll cost to build.





Web Activity

?_Geography   Information Organizer: Pipelines Through the Maritimes

1. Click on the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline Web site.

2. Read the information in the text under the first four headings: (1)

    Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline is delivering energy for the future,

    (2) Cost, (3) Construction, (4) Length.

3. Click here to download a worksheet to help you gather your

    information. Use information from the Web site to answer the

    following questions:

•  How long are the pipelines through the Maritimes

   and the Northeastern United States?

•  What is the purpose of the pipelines?

•  Why are the Sable gas projects important to the

    Atlantic region?

•  How much will the entire pipeline project cost?

•  As you've seen, the total cost of the pipeline is a

    huge amount of money. To get a better 

   understanding of how much money this is,

   try putting it into practical terms. If an average house

   costs $150 000, how many houses could you buy 

   with this amount of money? (Use a calculator and

   divide the cost of the pipeline by the cost of

   a house.)

•  If an average car costs $20 000, how many cars

   could you buy?

4. Choose another expensive item and find out how many you could

    buy with the amount of money the pipeline will cost.