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Answer Keys

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?_Geography Cause-Effect Chart and Role Play




Web Links

The Irish heart of Newfoundland  

This Web page provides students with a brief overview of the Irish history and culture of an area of the Avalon Peninsula known as "The Irish Heart of Newfoundland." Students could compare the information on the site with information in the student book to note what new information they've learned from the site.

The Beothuks  

This Web page offers students an opportunity to explore the positive and negative impact of Europeans on the Beothuks. Through the accompanying activity, students can link information in terms of causes and effects.





Answer Key

?_Geography Cause-Effect Chart and Role Play

Click here to download the cause-effect chart answer key.

When evaluating student role plays, observe whether students have incorporated information from the text and made inferences from the information. Role plays might convey the following:

  • the Beothuks might feel unhappy or angry when they find the trap because it means that the Europeans are hunting on traditional Beothuk hunting grounds. This means there will be fewer animals for the Beotuk to trap.
  • the Beothuks might take the trap because they don't want Europeans trapping the animals that the Beothuk need to survive
  • the Beothuks might feel justified in taking the trap because they feel that the Europeans have no right to hunt on traditional Beothuk hunting grounds


Click here to view the student activity.