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Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.

Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre:

?_Geography Flow Chart and Role Play




Web Links

Red Island Heritage-First-Person Accounts

Students can use this link to read first-person accounts of visitors to the French fishing settlement at Red Bay in the period of 1859-1904. Use the site to discuss with students the importance of primary sources and how they may reveal information that otherwise might not have survived to the present.

A Sage of Discovery  

This Web page provides additional information about the history of the Viking expeditions to North America. Other pages on the site include information about the archaeological discoveries at L'Anse aux Meadows and what these discoveries have revealed about the Vikings. Use the site to extend the information about Vikings in the student book.





Answer Key

?_Geography Flow Chart and Role Play

Student flow charts will vary, but might be similar to the following

The Vikings in North America

Box 1. Leif and his crew land somewhere along the coast of North America

           and decide to stay.

Box 2. Early the next summer they return to Greenland.

Box 3. Thorfinn Karlsefni came with settlers, explored the area, and

           collected cargo to sell back home.

Box 4. The Vikings had disagreements with the Skraelings and returned


When evaluating student role plays, observe whether students combine some historical fact with appropriate imaginative details to bring the scene to life.


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