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Web Links

Here are some Web links to help you with your research.

Web Activities

Here is a Web activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Write a Radio Announcement



Web Links


New Brunswick's Economy

Scroll down to the heading "Economy" to learn more about some of the most important industries in New Brunswick. There is a brief section about each industry, with interesting facts and figures.

New Brunswick Forestry Industry

Did you know that the average Canadian uses about 400 trees during a lifetime? This Web page is filled with interesting facts about trees, New Brunswick's forestry industry, and the many different products that are made from trees. (Some will surprise you!)

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Web Activity

?_Geography Write a Radio Announcement

1. Go to the New Brunswick Forestry Industry Web site and read the

    information on the page.

2. Complete a chart like the one below. Record at least three facts in each

    column. Click here to download the chart.

Important Facts about New Brunswick's Forests

Facts About How Forests Affect People

The Most Interesting Facts

I Learned

3. Use information from your chart to write a 30-second public service

    announcement for radio broadcast. The purpose of your announcement is

    to make people in New Brunswick more aware of the province's forestry

    industry. Include information that will catch your audience's attention and

    interest, as well as information that you think is important for people to