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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activities

Here are some activities to help you gather information from the Web sites:

?_Geography Oral Report




Web Links

Manitoba Hydro

Did you know that just about all of the electricity produced in Manitoba is produced using water power? At the Manitoba Hydro Web site you learn about the history of Manitoba Hydro. Select "Learning Zone" from the Quick Links menu near the top of the page to find lots of information especially for students, including a game to test your energy knowledge. You can learn how to become Power Smart and knowledgeable about electrical safety.

Industry Sector Summaries

What does the future look like for the clothing industry in Manitoba? Where are the hot spots in the tourism industry? Manitoba has a varied and active economy. This Web site presents the key areas of strength and growth for Manitoba's economy.





Web Activity

?_Geography Oral Report

1. Visit the Industry Sector Summaries Web site.

2. Choose one of the 20 sectors on this page that interests you. Read the

    information about that sector.

3. You are going to write a brief oral report presenting the highlights of the

    industry you have chosen, focusing especially on the future of that industry.

    Highlights might include:

a) What is the sector you have chosen?

b) What are the main activities or products that

    come out of this sector?

c) How much money did this industry produce in


d) How many people make their living employed

    in this industry?

e) Who are key companies or firms that work in

    this industry? (Give one or two examples; you

   don't have to list them all.)

f) What predictions can be made about the future

   opportunities and/or challenges for this


     The information on the Web site is organized under these headings:

      • Sector Structure
      • Sector Capabilities
      • Key Players
      • Competitive Strengths
      • Trends

    Click here to download a worksheet that lets you collect your information

     in point form under those headings.

4. Present your report to your classmates.