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The Interior Plains: Transportation Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

The Importance of the Railway


Web Links

Canadian Heritage Transportation Gallery

You may know that the railway played an important part in the settling of the west. You can follow the links at this Web site to find out more about railway transportation. First, click on the link Passenger Trains, 1800-1885. Then click on the thumbnail photo of the 1869 Sleeping Car. Have you ever traveled by train? If you have, how did the train you were on compare with the one in this photo gallery?

Web Activity

The Importance of the Railway  


The Canadian Heritage Gallery Web site provides information about the trains used when the transcontinental railway across Canada was built.

  1. Click on the section on Passenger Trains 1800-1885. Scroll down to find the images "Desjardins Train Wreck," Grand Trunk Locomotive," and "1869 Sleeping Car." Click on each photo to view a larger version.
  2. Choose one image and print it out on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.
  3. Now draw an enlarged version of this train on a poster-size piece of paper.
  4. Next, read the chapter on Transportation in the Interior Plains Student Book.
  5. When you have finished reading, add a brief note to your poster explaining the importance of the railway in the Interior Plains.
  6. Give your poster a title and include it in a class display.



Web Site Evaluation


When you have finished your work, evaluate the Web site by completing the appropriate statements in parts A and B.


Part A

•  I liked this Web site because.

•  I did not like this Web site because.  


Part B

•  I found this Web site easy to use because.

•  I found this Web site hard to use because.